August 22, 2008

What's In My Bag

I like the voyeur aspect of the What's In Your Bag Flickr pool, so I thought I would add mine to the group for perusal.  Click over to my Flickr photostream to see the notes on the photo.


Brian said...

Jeez, that's a lot of pens! I think you have a problem.

*chuckles and walks away, struggling to lift bag similarly overloaded with pens*

robertpaul said...

Brian may have a point there...

I can help you! Send your pens to me in The Netherlands and you'll be all-right!

kataish said...

WOW. thats a lot of pens. And moleskines. I think if I saw you on the street (not that I know what you look like) I might have to mug you for all that ;)

kataish said...

By the way, heres whats in my bag currently (though normally theres a bit more stuff in there).

B3llit0 said...

I don't really ever need a bag (not even a backpack or anything, as I'm homeschooled), but I do keep a jar of pens on my (rather large) nightstand, no less than 4 of which leave that jar each time I leave my room. That jar contains:

• 4 Uni-ball Signo 207 0.7mm: 2 black, blue, red
• 4 Uni-ball Vision Elite 0.5mm: 2 black, blue, red
• 3 Uni-ball Signo Bit 0.7mm: 3 black
• 4 Pilot G-2 0.7mm: 4 blue
• 4 Pilot G-2 0.5mm: 4 black
• 3 Pilot V5 Precise Retractable: black, blue, red
• 2 Sakura Pigma Micron 0.2mm: black

It's not yet full.