August 25, 2008

Review: Zebra Sharbo Smartline

This beautiful little Zebra Sharbo Smartline contains a 0.4mm ballpoint pen and an 0.3mm pencil.  Since this was a sample from JetPens, I'll let them fill you in on the finer details:
The Sharbo is one of Zebra's most popular multi-pen line and this particular Sharbo focuses on life's finer points. It is a very rare multi pen that actually features a 0.4 mm pen and a 0.3 mm pencil. The combination is quite unique, it's a multi-pen that one could only find in Japan. You won't even find any bulging buttons on the pen. It features a slender body that utilizes a twist mechanism to switch between a fine ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. It is an elegant accompaniment to your workplace style. Individuals who like fine point pens will fall in love with the Sharbo Smartline.
This multi-pen performs as well as it looks also.  The ballpoint pen is a nice, dark black, and the pencil is even better than I imagined.  I thought 0.3mm would be to small, but it is perfect.  The Sharbo can travel with me anywhere, anytime and get anything done that I need it to.


kataish said...

Does the pencil lead break a lot? I'd imagine a .3mm pencil lead would break on me. I tend to press hard sometimes. Eek!

It looks nice, I may have to consider it for my next purchase (though I already know a few things I want based on browsing through your flickr account. *shakes fist*)

I got my JetPens order today! I blogged about it, and the pics are in my flickr, which I'm going to be adding to your pen group :D

dowdyism said...

I haven't had a problem with the pencil yet, but I'll let you know after more use.

And I saw your pics on Flickr - cool stuff!

pigpogm said...

Nice. Looks a lot like the Sharbo Diary Pen we get here in the UK, but we don't have the option of a 0.3mm pencil, and there's only a 0.7mm ballpoint.

A 0.7mm ballpoint would write around a 0.4mm line, though, so it might depend on what they're measuring - ball or line. 0.4mm would be a bit small for a ballpoint ball.

Ryan said...

I have this sharbo in black. the 0.4mm pen is AWESOME. The only problem is that I have not been able to find the 0.4mm refill (and I've looked pretty much everywhere). I'm waiting for jetpens to get the refills in stock one day (crosses fingers)