August 21, 2008

JetPens Samples

I received these a couple of weeks back courtesy of JetPens and I'm just now getting around to reviewing them.  Look for a post for each of these in the next week or so.

From the top down:
Uni-Ball Lakubo Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm Black
Pilot FriXion Erasable Highlighter - Green
A.G. Spalding Hexagonal Body Ballpoint 0.7mm
Zebra Sharbo Smartline 0.4mm Ballpoint, 0.3mm Pencil


kataish said...

Lucky you! I need to start sucking up to people to get some free stuff! hehe.

But, I am happy to let you know that I was able to find the Sharpie pens. It took going to THREE different Wal Marts, and when I found them I snatched up two packs. Sadly they only had blue, but still... yay!!!

dowdyism said...

Too funny! You are a true addict, in the best sense of the word. :)

Anonymous said...

If I went through that much to get a pack of pens, they'd better be good ones. XD They're supposed to be really good though, so that's not a problem.

DT said...

At last a place to share my love of pens! I love the A.G. Spalding to bits!

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I was wondering if after checking out our website that you may like to put up our logo on your blog.

Thanks and peace out.