August 8, 2008

Samples, Samples Everywhere!

My good friends at JetPens and my new friend at I Like Markers sent me some great pen samples this week that I can't wait to try out.  The only problem is, I am taking a mini-vacation this weekend and part of next week, so it is going to take me some time to get them all tested out.

In the meantime, here is a little tease of what is in store from over a dozen new pens I have to put to the test:

Hinodewashi Electric Eraser and Uni-Ball Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip Ballpoint 0.7mm

Copic Multiliner SP 0.3 Orange and Black

I have a bit of content set to post while I am gone, and I promise I will work on the new stuff as soon as I return.  Believe me - I am as anxious as you are!


kataish said...

Enjoy your vacation, even if its only mini.

and OMG, copic multiliners. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I love everything copic, mind you. :D

Felipão G said...

Enjoy your vacation.

The Jetstream looks really nice, proably the best of all, and looks very comfortable too.

The eraser looks interesting, we'll have to see how it works.

strevoir said...
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