August 14, 2008

Review: Pilot G-2 Limited Edition

There is not much new ground to cover with the performance of the Pilot G-2 gel ink cartridge, but this Limited Edition barrel is a very nice addition to the G-2 line.  I am normally hesitant to spend more than a few dollars on a single pen since I buy so many, but the color caught my eye, and I knew I would be able to add in an 0.38mm cartridge to replace the standard 0.7mm.  The feel and weight of the barrel is fantastic, and the rubber grip is holding up nicely with a lot of use so far.  I paid $11.50 for this one from JetPens a month or so ago, but I have seen all three colors in Target recently for $9.99, so put this G-2 Limited Edition on your shopping list if you are in the area.


Anonymous said...

I picked this up in Target a few days ago for $9.99, and it came with a $3 rebate. If you love the G2, this barrel is worth the few extra bucks.

Felipão G said...

Instant rebate?

Jenni.mystery said...

Oh crap. Why why why did I have to stumble across this blog? Why? *hands over wallet*

dowdyism said...

@wilsonknut - good info on the rebate. Pretty much makes this one a no brainer.

@jenni - Glad you found the blog! You are among friends now. :)

Jenni.mystery said...

Thank you! Two things: Happy birthday, whether I've missed it or it's coming up.

And secondly, I have been a pen addict since childhood. Actually I have an addiction to all things office product like. I used to get in so much trouble for taking all the pens out of my dad's office. Are you telling me you can put any sized barrel in a pen and it will work? I've passed on so many great pens because I like a nice medium point. I can't believe I didn't know this.

Okay, there's a third thing...I searched your blog for a Sensa review. This pen is insane. I refuse to let people borrow it. I know you can get them online. Get one. You'll love it.

dowdyism said...

Thanks for the birthday wish - it's actually a week from today.

As far as the refills go, many different size refills can go into many different barrels, if I'm following your question properly. For example, the Pilot G-2 .38, .5, and .7mm refills will fit in any of the other G-2 barrels, as well as this Limited edition barrel. On top of that, some refills will fit in pens that aren't even part of their line, sometimes with no modification, sometimes with a little modification to be done. You'll see a Pentel Slicci hack on my site, and you will see other sites with various other hacks as well. The Mont-Blanc refill is a popular one to fit into cheaper barrels.

As far as the Sensa goes, I have seen the pen, but have never used one. I'll have to track one down some day. Thanks for the reminder!

Felipão G said...

I'm sure that the Q7 0.5mm Needle point refill fits too. I wish they made it in 0.7 too.

The Sensa is great, I tried it once in a store