August 7, 2008

Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport Color 0.7mm Green

Color me surprised on this one.  I've rarely had a ballpoint pen perform so well, even other incarnations of the Jetstream.  This particular model is called the Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport Color.  Besides the fact that it looks cool, it also writes exceptionally well.  Many ballpoint pens tend not to lay down a solid line, but there is hardly a break to be found when using this pen.  It is smooth and comfortable to boot.

I ordered it from JetPens, where they also carry a blue and a pink barrel.  I think I will be getting a lot of use out of this one.


Felipão G said...

Looks like that's where they got the idea for the 207 Colors (or vice versa)

Looks nice, although I rarely use ballpoints now (except for hotel pens), let alone buy them, so that one won't be on the list

TC said...

The Uni-Ball Jetstream Pen is indeed the finest writing pen I've ever used.

I have made a recent discovery that has PERFECTED the way the pen writes.

I left one in my car during the summer. I noticed that it wrote alot smoother and better than the other Jetstream pens that I kept in the office. I speculated that it must be somehow related to the heat. So, to experiment, I burned the tip of one of the Jetstreams in my office. When I went to write with it, I was amazed at how PERFECT the lines were. Not only didn't it skip or fade in any way, but the lines were even bolder and richer than before. I promptly burned the tips of all of my Jetstream pens. Now, they have all transitioned from writing nearly perfectly to writing ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY. I highly recommend the you try the same experiment. You will be amazed at the results!!!

dowdyism said...

Now when you say burn the tip, do you mean like if you were going to sterilize a straight pin to extract a splinter, or something like that? Just trying to understand exactly and I'll give it a shot.

partridge said...

You're missing the biggest advantage of the jetstream pens over rollerballs.

The ink dries almost instantaneously. I'm a doctor and over the past year, a large percentage of the department has slowly converted over to these.

It writes as smoothly as a rollerball, but if you swipe your hand over the page, it doesn't smear, even on forms which typically don't soak up rollerball or gel ink fast enough.

When you're filling out forms in a discontinuous manner (skipping around), gel and rollerballs will smear and leave ink on your hands. Ballpoints suck. The jetstream is just right.

dowdyism said...

That's a great point. I have seen nurses mention that they ban the G-2 and other gel pens just for that reason.