January 11, 2008

Review: Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38mm

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The more I use this pen, the more I like it, and I may like the 0.28mm model even better. If there wasn't that indentation just below the grip, this pen would be just about perfect. Hopefully black will be in stock next time I order.


Jordan said...

I just ordered a batch of a bunch of pens and ended up getting the Signo .38 from MaiDo, a stationery store in San Francisco since JetPens was out at the time. They've got black back in stock since then I think.

I am definitely enjoying the signo. I do wish it came in a cap-less version too.

I have some Signo Gel RT 0.38 that are push-pens instead of capped at the office, and they're not bad, but slightly different and not as good as the 0.38 Signo DX (also -- my Signo from MaiDo is labeled just "Signo 0.38" isntead of "Signo DX" but it's an identical pen (I had a Signo DX a while back).

Anyway, thanks for the blog, I enjoy it. Hopefully you can give a bit more feedback on the weights/feels of the pen itself or other random feedback too beside just the writing samples.

Noisy said...

Great feedback Jordan - thank you so much! I'm fairly nitpicky, so including more of the "feel" type aspects in the reviews should be easy.

I enjoyed your article on your blog - how do you like the Cavalier model of the Hi-Tec-C? I haven't bought one yet, but they look nice.

Curtis said...

Before the Hi-Tec-C made #2, I believe this pen was your #2. I ordered a trio along with the Slicci.

The feel of the Signo in the hand is nice, but I do not like it's feel on paper. I also have found they can get ink build-up on the tip while writing (which may be because I tend to press fairly hard).

Overall, not a terrible pen, but I felt the Slicci was just miles beyond the Signo. I'll post under the Slicci with my one complaint about it.

MAD said...

I like this pen initially and ordered a bunch from JetPens in different colors. I have used better pens and ended up ditching this one...