August 26, 2008

Link: We Love School Supplies: Pens and Pencils

Sorry gang, this one just couldn't wait until my weekend Ink Links post.  The gang at Stickers and Donuts did an awesome job reviewing new supplies for the upcoming school year.  The Pentel Slicci is included, as are the Pilot FriXion and the Uni-Ball Signo, but you haven't lived until you have seen the Nerf Dart Blaster Toy Pen and the Connect Four Game Toy Pen.  If had those back when I was in school, I would have never graduated!

It's a great article, so go check it out now:  We Love School Supplies: Pens and Pencils


Maria said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Stickers & Donuts pen post!!! We admire your blog very much so are thrilled to get a link from you : )!
-- Maria @

dowdyism said...

It's my pleasure, and thanks to you too. Your blog is so cool - I'm glad I found it!

kataish said...

Oh nice. They just made me want to order more pens! Those Stabilo point 88 pens are awesome. I've been in love with them as long as I can remember. My only complaint is how thin they are.