September 4, 2008

Review: Pilot Symmetry Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm

With all of the cool stuff that JetPens has been getting in stock recently, I am turning more and more into a ballpoint pen fan.  I have always viewed ballpoints as messy and inconsistent, but of course that is coming from someone with very little ballpoint experience.  This Pilot Symmetry really impressed me from the moment I opened the package.  And I'll be the first to admit that it took me a few seconds to figure out which end to press to get the tip of the pen to come out!  Once I got that under control, I put it to the test and it performed great.  It lays down a nice, clean, and fine line that rivals any other ballpoint I've tested recently.  The click part of the pen is neat in that it is contained in a rubber sheath that turns concave when you click it in (see additional picture below).  I even slid the window on the pen over to D (for dowdyism of course!) because I am cool like that.

If it seems like I have been praising all of the ballpoint pens I have reviewed recently, it is because I have.  I am going to have to work on a ballpoint pen specific ranking soon, because I personally see them as a different category from gel ink and liquid ink pens.

When I do come up with those rankings, look for the Pilot Symmetry near the top.

Here are the JetPens notes for the Pilot Symmetry:
This pen symbolizes Asia’s appreciation of balanced harmony and the complementary yet opposing forces of the Yin and Yang (two balanced yet opposing aspects of any one phenomenon). The pen is symmetrical and was designed not only as a beautiful object but also one of improved stability. The body's center of gravity makes it very ergonomic to write with. In addition, a special silicon rubber was adopted for both the grip and cap area to improve the durability of this pen. Pen features a rolling ring in the middle that can scroll through all 26 letters of the alphabet so that you can personalize the pen with your initial. Six body colors are available including aqua blue, cherry pink, happy pink, mint green, snow white and vitamin orange. Don't forget to be environmentally friendly and buy refills! Each pen writes in black ink, but black, green, blue, pink, and red ink refills are also available.


kataish said...

Oh that looks so cool! I considered getting one, but I rarely EVER use ballpoints. Even my FAVOURITE ballpoints are often passed over for a nice felt tip pen or fountain pen. Poor ballpoints!

I guess I'll somewhat live vicariously through your ballpoint reviews! hehe

Anonymous said...

My just arrived today! (First Jet Pens order...will certainly fuel the addiction!) Pen is cool, though quite fine for a 0.7 mm. Also enjoying my tri-color Jetstream. Pen Love!

dowdyism said...

I'm with you Kataish on the ballpoints - I like them, but I will almost always pick a gel ink pen over one.

@justwriteit - welcome to the addiction! Ballpoints with a 0.7mm tip usuall write an 0.5mm line, and the 1.0mm tip usually write an 0.7mm line. Just something to consider if you weren't aware.

Anonymous said...

Understood...but doesn't it seem finer then other 0.7 mm pens? No biggie...just an observation.

I love the plain old 1.0 mm Jetstreams. Ballpoint perfection. Smooth. Dark. Nice.

Anonymous said...

DOH--- that would be "than." (Pen excitement rattled my grammar.)

dowdyism said...

Yep - I agree that it does seem finer. And the Jetstreams are pretty sweet too!