September 7, 2008

Ink Links

-- Pentel Slicci 0.4mm (ISOT 2007 Winner) now in stock (but going fast) at JetPens  (JetPens)

-- Sakura SumoGrip Mechanical Pencil Review  (Dave's Mechanical Pencils)

-- Are Rhodia Webnotebooks the Moleskine replacement?  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- Mucu Type RN-B Notebook - looks really neat  (Pencil Talk)

-- Review: Pilot Precise V5 RT  (Cheap Pen Review)

-- Jon Burgerman interview  (Format Mag)

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Speedmaster said...

Lots of cool links today! ;-)

Ira Gabelsburger said...

Hey I just found your blog, love it! I'm glad/relieved to know there are more out there with my addiction to both pens and moleskines! I am a pen addict and have a fetish for office products, but I am a trade show whore. I used to be a member of a fairly big trade organization before I changed careers and still attend their annual meeting. I usually come back with bags of pens - from all corners of the globe! Keep up the great blog!

dowdyism said...

Thanks Speed and Ira!

Zach said...

I got some 0.4 Slicci's with my last order (like the day after Jetpens listed them). I have to say the slight increase in line width is worth the increased smoothness.

Good links; I think I need one of those Rhodia books with the good stuff in it.

kataish said...

I'm so excited about the Rhodia WebNotebook. I haven't tried Clairefontaine paper yet. I want I want I want!