September 20, 2008

Ink Links

-- Welcome to the addiction Jayme, Graciepooh and Jess!

-- Kirsty with some Top 10 lists in her Rhodia  (Rhodia Drive)

-- Shoot-out Review: 3 Cheap Fountain Pens, Part II - Bic Select X Pen  (D*I*Y Planner)

-- Black Cover on the Quo Vadis Habana  (Black Cover)

-- Review: Awagami +1 Journal  (Amateur Economist)

-- Write Like an Architect (via pica+pixel)


William Wren said...


kataish said...

the funny thing is, my uncle is an architect and his writing TOTALLY does look like that. hehe.

Felipão G said...

kata is right, i used to take technical drawing class back in middle school, and the teacher was an architect, he wrote just like that, but in many cases he made the vertical lines like double the size of the other letters (T's, lowercase h's and n's and some others).

I became quite proficient at imitating his handwriting (but never needed to use it)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Pica + Pixel!! I love your Ink Links, they are such a great resource!

dowdyism said...

Anytime Ana - keep up the great work!