June 2, 2008

Review: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

I've never been a fountain pen fan (I leave that to guys like Ryan), but I did want to try a couple disposable models from JetPens, and at just $3.00, the Platinum Preppy with Blue/Black ink fit the bill. The first thing I liked about the pen was its long, sleek design. The barrel is lightweight and comfortable, and the nib is a finer point which transferred to the paper quite nicely. I'm not exactly sure how or how much I will be using this pen, but I am very happy with its performance despite my lack of knowledge about fountain pens.


Gail Rhea said...

You do a great service reviewing pens for the rest of us pen addicts.

One correction about the Preppy is that it's not disposable. Refill cartridges are available at JetPens.com and I've seen converters available at other sites such as Pendemonium.com for those who prefer bottled ink.

dowdyism said...

You are absolutely right Gail. Thanks for the correction. I'll update the post as well shortly.

Glad you enjoy the site!