June 11, 2008

Review: Pilot e-Gel Erasable 0.7mm

It seems that erasable gel pens are the new flavor of the month. Like the Pilot FriXion, the Pilot e-Gel is an erasable gel ink pen, and also like the FriXion, I'm just not crazy about it. I think most of the problem lies in the pale shade of ink that is required of these type of pens. The needle tip performs ok, and the pen is lightweight and balanced, but I just know I will lose the small screw off cap where the eraser is. At least the eraser is in the right location, unlike the FriXion, and it is a normal pencil eraser at that, not a friction based rubber knob.

The performance of the eraser is rather poor, and the FriXion is probably better in that regard. Between these two pens and an upcoming review of a Uni-Ball Signo erasable that I ordered, I will do a side by side comparison and eraser test of all three to see which is the best.


LizB said...

Wow, the new erasable pens really don't perform that well.

My mother uses the old stand by, the blue paper mate erasermate, and i've never had an issue with them, the only time the ink doesn't erase well is when it's sat for a few hours.

The red erasermate through, erases like a dream.

I'm looking forward to the erasable comparison!

Miss Amber said...

I actually like the Frixion. The eraser is in the wrong spot though, I use the black one daily.

dowdyism said...

I just bought some black FriXions myself, but haven't spent much time with them yet. Still no idea why they put the eraser where they did. :O