June 3, 2008

Pilot FriXion Commercial

A reader sent this great commercial for the Pilot FriXion from Australia. Enjoy!

You can also visit the Pilot Pen Australia site and play around with the Pilot FriXion online.


Ellie said...

This is so cool!

I love the new designs on the pen. I'd get the new business branding if they weren't so expensive.

I used the pink frixion to write notes on the surveys for my Senior Thesis.

LizB said...

It's another pen that's not available in canada!

So so sad!

(this is LizB) i'm having issues with my account

dowdyism said...

Keep an eye out LizB - I'm starting to see these everywhere now. Both Wal-Mart and Target had them on the shelf this past weekend, so it looks like they are making a major retailer push.

LizB said...

:) :p

But sure you know, Dowdyism, that the pen craving must be satiated immediately, on the discovery of a new pen!

*tongue firmly in cheek*

That is why I enjoy your blog SO much. I see a new and cool pen, and I think to myself "want!" but most of the time, i can look on your website, and find something similar in brand or style, and look to see how it writes.

Just a thought, are there any pens from Canada that you'd like to try out? I can see if they're available up here.

dowdyism said...

:) I know how you feel!

And I will for sure let you know if I can think of something you can help me out with in Canada.

Speaking of country specific, my good friends at JetPens just sent me a really cool pen from their latest trip to Japan. I hope to have a writeup on it soon.

wasabi said...

i can't believe the professional version of this pen goes for $22

dowdyism said...

Wow - $22? That is crazy.