June 17, 2008

Awesome Pen Test

You guys think I have it bad, huh?

There are ten more photos like this on MTBooks Flickr page that I just found this morning. Too cool!


Zach said...

I left a comment here only days ago and I've already been found out on flickr!

I love your site man, it made me want to upload something.... so I killed a few rhodia pages (they're made to be torn out anyway, right?)

(aka MTBooks)

Murderface said...

Seriously awesome. I've been lurking here ~2 months. First time I've been moved to comment. Well done.

dowdyism said...

Hahaha - I am all seeing!

I was actually wondering if it was a reader, because a note to the side of one of your Slicci tests said "in Hybrid Technia shell". That made me do a double-take. :)

dowdyism said...

BTW Zach - I have been looking at the Copics. Is buying them directly from their site the best way to go?

Zach said...

Yeah that Slicci-Hybrid Technica is great. I always liked the Slicci but for long periods of writing it got cramped.

I feel like a sucker getting the direct stuff. I never found the original multiliners in color anywhere when I got them so long ago so I assumed the color SP's were only direct as well. Well I just did a quick look and Dick Blick
has them all for 5.99 vs. the 7.95 I paid (doh!)

dowdyism said...

Ok great - thanks. I saw them at Dick Blick and was wondering if that was a decent price, which it looks like it is.

Matthew said...

I too have a pen addiction, although probably not as serious as yours.

I just bought an ohto bamboo rollerball from Maido in SF.
Lively feel, well balanced, great flow.
I don't usually bother with fancy pens, but this one's like a samurai sword.

You might want to check it out.

Speedmaster said...

That's serious business! ;-)

dowdyism said...

I have yet to purchase an Ohto pen, but the design or their pens looks really nice. I'll have to give one a try soon.