April 3, 2008

Review: Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4mm Blue

The Zebra Sarasa line gives you some of the best bang for the buck in the gel ink sub-0.5mm category. The barrel design is very solid and comfortable, and the ink lays a solid, quick drying line. The retractable point and clip design make this a great pen to carry around at work, or pop in your backpack or purse when you are on the go. I'm always satisfied whenever I pick up my Sarasa.


Sita said...

I can't find the 0.4 mm here... or is it the same as the 0.5 mm?
Anyway... I also love this pen so much, thanks for sharing :)

dowdyism said...

I haven't seen the 0.4mm version widely available, but it is different from the 0.5mm. I like it a lot.