April 15, 2008

Review: Pilot G-2 1.0mm Black

What a pleasant surprise! I'm not normally a fan of wide tipped pens, but I saw this one at Wal-Mart and figured what the heck. The Pilot G-2 1.0mm writes wonderfully smooth, with a solid jet black line. It does take a moment to dry due to the amount of ink being laid down on the paper, but other than that, I was very happy with this pen. I will have to make more time for this one.


Violet Dragon said...

I wonder if 1.0mm+ pens is some sort of new trend? I had never seen any (except maybe metallic pens for invitations and scrapbooking) before, and suddenly there are quite a few. My current favourite pen is a broad width, the pilot bps-gp from jetpens. It writes really smooth and it's an oil based ink so there's no waiting for anything to dry. I love it!

I also recently found some papermate pens that are broad width and write quite smoothly. They aren't as nice as the pilot pens, but they come in a rainbow of colors.

dowdyism said...

Wow - 1.6mm tip! I'll have to give that Pilot bps-gp a shot.