April 17, 2008

Review: Uni-Ball Vision Elite 0.5mm Blue

The Uni-Ball Vision Elite has been a very popular pen over the past few years, especially prior to the surge in popularity of gel ink pens. This liquid ink model writes wonderfully, although I experienced a little feathering in my line with this model writing on my Moleskine (an example is where I have the arrow, but it didn't show up in the picture very well). Beautifully designed and well balanced, I can see why this pen is so well liked. My only question is - are they doing away with this model? I bought three 3-packs of this pen at Wal-Mart on closeout for $1.50 per pack, with the regular price around $6.00.


pigpogm said...

I can't see Uni-ball dropping it. It's possible they'd stop distributing it in the US (Sanford distribute Uni-ball products over there), but I still think it's very unlikely.

Much more likely is that it's just Wal-Mart dropping them. We get that a lot over here in the UK too - big retailers stop selling a particular model, and just tell people it's "discontinued".

We've just recently got the Vision Needle here in the UK - the needle-point version of the Vision.

dowdyism said...

That makes sense, especially since there were other pens they were closing out as well.