April 23, 2008

Ink Links

Quick note: I'm a bit behind here, but hopefully I will have some new updates by the end of the week.

A big fan of the Uni-Color colored pencil leads from JetPens (iSculpt.org)

Lamy 2000 Official Moleskine Review (Notebookism.com)

Moleskine Planner Hack: 2 Years Later (rohdesign.com)

Lots of pen samples from pauldear (pauldear @ Flickr)

Nice use of the Behance Dot Grid Notebook (retro traveler @ Flickr)

Faber Castell Perfect Pencil (Notebookism.com)

Gail is a Pen Slut (Sound Off!)

Pilot Pockel Mini from JetPens (JetPens.com)

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