March 21, 2008

Review: Pilot Choose 0.5mm Black

This is a pretty cool pen. The tip is just a standard 0.5mm gel ink rollerball, but it writes very well, is very comfortable, and is very nice looking for such a simple design. The barrel is perfectly round and smooth, similar to the old standby Bic Round Stic ballpoint pen. carries all 12 colors in both 0.5mm and 0.7mm widths.

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the knights who say (!) said...

I love the Pilot Choose like nobody's business, and caved on ordering the 12 color set after falling in love with my 0.5 in blue. If you do try the other colors, be warned that many of the light ones (pink, orange, yellow, and yellow-green particularly) are very fluorescent - hard to read on most paper, but bright with a beautiful glow under the right light.

Also - I wasn't sure if you've tried the Uniball UM-100? They seem to be a similar price point to the Choose, and, a pen addict myself, much as I love the Choose, I've been getting antsy to try the UM-100s.