March 15, 2008

Ink Links

Inkbread has been added to the Blogroll, and also takes a look at some Lamy pens (Inkbread)

I love pens, but cool handwriting is another fascination of mine. Check out the samples on this thread at the Core77 Design Blog. (Core77)

I must get this pen case! (Super Limited Edition Blog)

JetPens love from The Knack (The Knack)

Great pic from Moleskinerie (Moleskinerie)


N (superlimitededitionblog) said...

Noisy, I love my damn pens so much that I am creating ways to spend more time with them. One crazy idea, which your post reminded me of, was to improve my penmanship--especially my cursive. When I went online for inspiration, I realized that I had to choose from different styles of cursive.

Damnit, I am a crazy Type A freak but I know my limits. I am staying away from the Spencerian cursive! Imagine what it would be like to acquire a fountain pen addiction, too!

Noisy said...

I'm right there with ya N. I'm glad I only print these days, because if I still wrote in cursive, that fountain pen habit would be too much!