January 18, 2008

Review: Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4mm

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I have found myself using this pen more and more since I made the writing sample above, and it turns out I like it better than I originally thought. This is easily one of the most comfortable pens I have used in a while, and the clicking I was explaining above has disappeared over time. I think I may try this one out in different varieties, including the multi-pen model.


Jordan said...

I agree, I'm a big fan of the feel of this pen, and it's got a good line too.

I'm very curious about some of the other ones in this line -- looking forward to see what you think of them when you try them out.

Noisy said...

At first, I wanted to see if I could fit another ink cartridge in the barrel since I like the feel so much, but wasn't crazy about the line. After giving it some time though I found myself using it more and more and liking it a lot.