October 4, 2008

Ink Links

-- JetPens September Newsletter  (JetPens)

-- Lamy's are the Volvo's of Fountain pens  (Good Pens)

-- Quo Vadis Habana, Large vs. Small  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- I agree with Ellie:  Getting mail pretty much rocks  (The Pen Hunter)

-- Skateboard art fascinates me for some reason  (Juxtapoz)

-- Meredith is a pen snob  (True Confessions of a Southern Baptist Pastor's Daughter)

-- Stickers and Donuts Currently Obssesed list rule!  (Stickers and Donuts)

-- Proving Moleskine Is Just A Style: The Piccadilly Notebook  (Black Cover)

-- Oneloneman is down with the pen movement  (Pens and Pencils)


Speedmaster said...

I must admit, I look forward to these Saturday links. ;-)

dowdyism said...

lol - glad you like them!

lulu said...

Aww. Thanks for featuring stickers and donuts again, dowdyism.

devilishone said...

Squee! I want the Very Hungry Caterpillar pencil case from Jetpens! I loved that book growing up. AWESOME. I really like all the links. I like the comparison of Lamys and Volvos... Volvos really are sturdy.