May 19, 2008

Thanks Notebookism and Not Martha

Two great sites linked my way today - Notebookism and Not Martha - and I just wanted to say thanks and hello to any new readers. I am out of town for most of this week, but will have some new reviews up shortly after I return. Thanks for stopping by!


Gracehoper said...

led to find a blog written by another pen addict but am a bit disappointed to find such a fan of GEL PENS! I'm a ballpoint girl and life is a continuing struggle since the advent of gel pens which are now so prevalent that it makes it harder and harder to find good ballpoints.

Maybe I've just never tried the right gel pen . . .

Will keep reading regardless.


dowdyism said...

I know, I know - I'm such a gel pen snob! :(

I think it mostly stems from my style of writing. I imagine if I wrote more in a long flowing style I could find some smooth ballpoint pens to suit my tastes, but I really like the gel pens for the short bursts and small sketches I do on a daily basis.

Thanks for the comment though - I will work on getting a few more ballpoints into the mix.