July 8, 2008

Review: Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm Soda Blue

I am really starting to like the variety of colors and widths available in the Pilot Hi-Tec-C line, so I am trying to add in a few different ones everytime I place an order with JetPens.  This time around, I went with the 0.4mm Soda Blue color.  The ink is really sharp and rather neat looking, and of course writes very well as all of the Hi-Tec-C pens tend to do.  More new colors here I come!


Gaius said...

I registered with Blogger just to thank you for your recommendation on the Slicci line. That really is an incredible pen! Could you expound further on what makes the Hi Tec C a dealbreaker for the top spot on your favorites list currently held by the Slicci?

dowdyism said...

Glad you like the Slicci's gaius! It's practically a toss-up between the two, and honestly I've been thinking about switching the order in my list since I actually use the Hi-Tec-C's more.

The small diameter of the Slicci barrel has been making me grab the Hi-Tec-C's recently, but the one problem I have never had with a Slicci is getting the ink to start flowing. I had a very new 0.3mm Hi-Tec-C today never want to get started flowing good, so I just tossed it back in the bag. This was after it worked perfectly all day yesterday.

Sorry for rambling, but I guess it is the inconsistency that keeps me from making them #1, but I honestly use them more than any other pen right now.

Zach said...

They do have lots of colors don't they. That soda blue is almost identical to the clear blue they have . My favorite "almost too light to read color" has got to be sear blue.

They can be finicky though can't they. I gave up on the Hi-Tec 0.3's for that problem. The 0.4's seem to be much more reliable.

Speedmaster said...

I love that color.