February 18, 2008

Thank You JetPens!!!

If you haven't noticed, I am a huge fan of JetPens.com. Their selection and service are second to none, and I can't praise them highly enough as an online business. It seems that JetPens has noticed my little home on the web as well, and has ever so nicely sent me some sample pens to try out. I had no idea what to expect, but was completely blown away. Included in my care package were the following:

(1) A.G. Spalding & Bros Roller Ball Pen - Maple Wood - Beige Body
(1) A.G. Spalding & Bros Bullet Style Roller Ball Pen
(1) Zebra Sarasa 3+S 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen + Pencil - Blue Body
(1) Uni-ball Boxy Roller Ball Pen - 0.5 mm - Black Ink

How cool is that!!!

The A.G. Spalding pens are absolutely gorgeous, and write wonderfully as well with an 0.5mm black gel cartridge. The Zebra Sarasa and the Uni-Ball Boxy are great also, with the Sarasa already disappearing a couple of times into my wife's hands.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the crew at JetPens - keep up the great work! And, since posts like these often make readers wonder, I have absolutely no business relationship with JetPens other than being a customer and a big fan. When people do things the right way I feel they should be praised, and that's how I feel about JetPens.

I have a very busy next two weeks, so it might be a while before I get the writing samples up for these new models. I have two different pens ready to post later this week, so the four listed above may have to wait until the following week. Hopefully these pictures will tide you over.


ana said...

Nice score! Jet Pens loaded me up with goodies too so now I just have to write a thorough review of my loot.

janielou said...

JetPens.com is the best! Being a pen junkie, I search their site at least once a month for new stuff. I just bought my own A.G. Spalding rollerball. The pen is a great weight and diameter. The refills write very smoothly and yet with a great fine line. Check them out if you haven't yet.

spuddybuddy said...

the a. g. spalding bullet style pen is really nice. (mine also has a clip.) easily one of my favorite rollerballs.

i love jetpens.com too, i just got an order from them today.

penmaster said...

hi im a pen addict too! i have a collection of only japanese pens in my japanese (polka dots) pencil case and i was wondering if the collection i have are good pens? please tell me what to reccomend me to put in so i can complete the collection of various unique japanese pens. The follwing pens plus highlighters:
(3) pilot Hi-tec-c 0.3
(1) ballsign sakura (green)
(1) Tiara sakura (green)
(2)Uni Propus window highlighters
(1) uniball signo Sparkling
(2) Uniball signo Rainbow
(1) Uniball signo RT
(1) Pentel Hybrid k177
(1) Hybrid gel grip
(1) *rare* glittery Zebra Airfit sharp pencil
(1) Zebra Hyper jell

These pens are all from japan and please tell me what to take out and what to put in. My aim is to make a collection of the most unique japanese pens.