December 17, 2007

Review: Pilot G-2 0.38mm

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I had been using the Uni-Ball Signo RT Gel 0.38mm almost exclusively prior to ordering this pen, but I think I like the G-2 better. It sometimes takes the Uni-Ball a second to get going, but the G-2 is always ready when the pen hits the paper.

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adjustablespace said...

I'm sure the G-2 mentioned here is a good pen. I don't use them myself but I do use the Uni-Ball Signo 207. I have never had a problem with it starting ink flow and most importantly. The ink won't wash off. I Formulate and process Shampoo, Conditioners and home hygiene products. I have contact with lots of water and chemical ingredients. My Paperwork is also exposed to all this. The Uni-Ball 207 is the only one that can stand up to that.